Sunday, August 25, 2013


In memory of my grandfather, Nosrat Fanian aka "Daddy Nosrat" -- October 19, 1923 - August 11, 2013

The sun rose when your lips curled into a smile.
You stood proud, handsome, stylish, 
Cap on your head,
Ready for a walk,
Ready to take on the day.

You were invincible.

You were kind, patient, gentle and wise.
You had a contagious laugh,
And every now and again you would
Stick out your tongue and
Give the world a cheeky grin.

You were invincible.

You loved your grandchildren
Beyond compare.
You told me stories
About the young girl and the deer
And played Persian music
And when I was older, you
Talked to me about politics  
And imparted wise advice.

To me,
You were invincible.

You saw beauty everywhere – in life, in death,
Especially in the wife you chose,
The wife you lost, the wife you found again.
Her voice, the whisper of a nightingale,
Finally called you to your Beloved.

But all the while,
You were still invincible.

A captain with his cap,
You commanded your ship.
And when the sun set,
You set sail.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I could feel the cold air
Crawling up my legs,
Seizing my hands,
And paralyzing the
Tear of solitude
That taunted my cheek.
My arctic heart began to slow,
As my eyes struggled to see the light
Through the darkening night.

Before I could surrender,
Before I could say goodbye,
Your smile fought its way across the raging sea
And landed in my desolate mind.
Hidden in the abyss,
Your smile grew brighter
As my soul clawed through
The weeds of isolation
And reached for the blossoming warmth.

I could see your smile now,
And I could hear your voice
Through your smiling lips,
Calling my name in their honeyed tones,
Words of encouragement
Breathing strength into my bones.
I could feel the palms of your hands,
One clasped around my own,
The other, pressed against my heart,
Pounding, beating,
Until I fell into the rhythm
And could dance in your arms once again.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Running of the Bull

You took away my reasons that reason never knew,
And left me a hollow heart suspended in time.
Stripped of all solace,
I stood soulless in an empty street,
Surrounded by the sound of doubt
That carried through the wind.
The hope that your sycophantic lips once lit
Was quickly quashed by their silence,
And absence fertilized the firewood
Left to fester in tomorrow’s dew.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Storm

The wind greeted me through the window,
Bringing tidings of the storm to come.
I had prepared myself –
I had taken precautions,
Barred all entry,
Built a wall –
But the wind’s gentle warning
Quickly turned into violent threats.
I fled to a corner,
As far from assault as I could retreat,
But the tumult followed and
Echoed through my mind.
I cried out, defenseless,
As the shrieking of the rain
Pierced my armour,
Every drop a sword, and
Every sword fashioned to the
Humming of the blacksmith
As he hammered his weapon
To perfection.

The shrieking penetrated my ears,
And the reverberations numbed my senses
Until the noise melted into every drop, and
Every drop fell silent.
As the cloud of silence settled,
And my senses revived,
I heard the mindless humming
Of the blacksmith.

I saw him now, with his eyes shut,
Forging a weapon,
Not knowing what for.
A meticulous design,
To impair was its goal—
But he never considered
Who the victim would be,
And his voice fanned the flames
As the iron ore took shape
To the melody,
Sincere in its deceiving sweetness.

The humming enveloped me
And grew once more into a torrent of noise
That beat me to the ground,
Helpless, though sheltered,
Against the unintended rage
That erupted from a latent summer’s day.

In a moment of weakness,
I had basked in the warmth of
Words dipped in honey,
Spoken from a tongue seeking refuge
From bitter solitude.
It was not long before I knew that day
Would never last,
For even summer’s longest day must surely
Come to an end,
And so I built my wall and convinced myself
I was prepared for battle,
A lie that lay
In the gap between my mind and heart,
And weakened my resolve.
Laboring in denial,
I left a crack in the wall,
Hoping my Pyramus would come to me.

But the deafening sound of reality setting in
Now replaced the soft whispers
That then tickled my ears,
And the wet rain that shattered
Through the nearest window
Made its way to dampen my heart
Once held by his lonely hands.
Every drop drove the point home,
Perforating the edges of my heart
While my mind rode into battle.
My chest gave way
And the sieve bled onto the floor—
My mind retreated,
With nothing left to defend. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When You're Gone

What was life like before you?
I existed then,
And will exist
When you’re gone.
I’ll go back to the same,
Back to the beginning,
To the start of the game.
I’ll change the players,
I’ll change my mind,
And in a new face,
Salvation I’ll find.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


To the moment you said my name
When for hours we sat and spoke;
To the laughter in your voice
When you enjoyed your clever joke;
To the walk under the sun,
And the light beaming in your face;
To the world disappearing,
Leaving you in my personal space;
To the words you wrap around my mind,
To your arms around my waist;
To the ocean in your eyes,
To your lips, the way they taste;
To the softness of your heart,
To the strength of your touch;
To the look that fills my soul
And makes my spirit blush—
I’m addicted. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

So We Keep Thinking

It’s 2 a.m. and I’m thinking of you
Thinking of me.
When you close your eyes,
Am I what you see?
Does the early Sun wake you only
To greet the day with a brand new dream?
Do you stare blankly at the blank page,
Wishing to fill it with our warm embrace?
Does the heat rise inside you
And flutter in your chest?
Does your breath fall short
As you fall to catch it,
Praying that I’ll catch you?
Do your fingers trace the silhouette
In your mind
As you search for the words
You can’t seem to find
To call me into being?
Does the Sun set,
And take me with him,
Replacing the heat in your heart
With a bitter cold?
Do you fight for me through
The winter storm?
Do you see through frozen tears?
Do you believe you’ll persevere?
The ice begins to melt
And it’s 2 a.m.
Are you thinking of me
Thinking of you?